Confessions of a Blowout Junkie

There’s no shame in my game when it comes to getting a weekly blowout, and let me tell you why. Before I became a Blowout Co. “regular,” my hair was slow-growing, unruly and coarse. I took Biotin supplements for growth, and despite my hour-long straightening sessions, my


Yes, You Need Products in Your Hair

Hey gals! It's Deidre. Every single day, I find myself educating clients about what I'm putting in their hair and why. It can be so overwhelming if a stylist uses 14 different things when styling your hair. I try and stick to 3. You don't want


Washing Your Hair Every Day is SO 1998

Hey gals! It's Deidre. So, it's 2015 and people all over the world are finally realizing what my ex-hair stylist mother taught me in 5th grade. Washing your hair every day not only wastes time and energy, but it's not that great for those beautiful locks of yours.